Yamaha Adventurer Hauler Utility Vehicle-Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska-Harris Golf Cars

Yamaha Adventurer Hauler Utility Vehicle


Yamaha Standard Two Year Limited Warranty!

Location: Available through all locations


Product Description

With five cargo box options, this Yamaha Adventurer Hauler Utility Vehicle is versatile and dependable.

The perfect vehicle for resorts, building supply warehouses and just about everything in between, the Adventurer Hauler was designed to not only make your life a little easier but also help you get the job done right.

So whether you’re hauling sheets of plywood or sheets to the honeymoon cottage, this is one vehicle that’s always there to lend a helping hand.

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• Yamaha Built 357F Gas Engine

• Automotive Dash Style

• Four Wheel Brakes

• Bumper

• Heavy Duty Suspension

• 2″ Receiver

• Headlights and Tail Lights

• Yamaha Standard Two Year Limited Warranty

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Adventurer Hauler




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