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New Electric Golf Cars

You are not giving up power to go green. The new Yamaha golf cars have horsepower! There is no hesitation when climbing hills.

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Used Gas Golf Cars

Enjoy all the perks and horsepower of a gas golf car without the full price.


Harris Golf Cars Warranty

More about our warranty…

New Gas Golf Carts in Iowa, Illinois or Wisconsin - Harris Golf Cars

New Gas Golf Cars

The new gas golf cars with Electronic Fuel Injector or EFI are the most fuel efficient golf car available in the industry.

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Utility Golf Cars

If you are looking for a golf car for transporting or commercial needs, look no further.

Chicago Cubs Golf Cars

Chicago Cubs Golf Cars

Check out these custom Chicago Cubs golf cars from over the years…

Used Electric Golf Cars - IA, IL, WI - Harris Golf Cars

Used Electric Golf Cars

Electric golf cars are great for campuses, resorts and campgrounds- anyplace you need a quieter ride.

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Golf Car Ideas

Customize your golf car to suit your needs and tastes!

Got your eye on one of these beauties?