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We have been in business since Yamaha introduced their first golf car in 1979!

We offer Yamaha’s complete line of products and a wide product range for all your needs from golf to off road or turf transportation. You will be very happy with our products and exceptional customer service.

As a full service Yamaha Golf Car Distributor, we offer the best variety of sales and service to our customer base.

• Commercial and Industrial Sales & Service
• Huge Parts Inventory for all Brands
• Tournament Fleet Rentals
• Service for all Brands
• Golf Course Fleet Sales & Leasing
• Retail Sales of both New & Used Golf Cars and Utility Vehicles
• Wholesale Used Cars to our Qualified Wholesale Dealers

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Harris Golf Car Testimonials

Harris Golf Cars enjoys working with all our clients from individuals to golf courses, and that includes a few names you may recognize…Brett Favre, Bo Jackson, Bret Bielema, Kirk Ferenz, and Fred Hoiberg!

Wilmette Golf Club

Wilmette, Illinois

I am the General Manager at Wilmette Golf Club, a municipal facility in the Chicagoland Area. We purchased a fleet of 70 Electric Golf Cars in 2017 and were among the first in the area to have the Yamatrack GPS system. The service from Steve Olken, Bob Simmons and all of the staff at Harris has been exceptional. Any issues that we may have had were taken care of right away with little hassle.

The Yamatrack system is an excellent GPS system and a great value. Our golfers often describe our golf cars as fancy because of all of the features that they have. We also upgrade our beverage cart unit to a new Yamaha gas model. It has run without issue for two straight seasons.

When considering all of the factors that go into a purchase or lease of a new fleet of golf cars, you must consider the benefits and the affordability of the Yamaha Cars. The staff at Harris Golf Cars will make sure that you are taken care of and all of your questions are answered.

Adam Kwiatkoski, PGA
General Manager
Wilmette Golf Club

The Village Links of Glen Ellyn

As the owner of its fleet of golf cars, The Village Links of Glen Ellyn has always performed a meticulous due diligence prior to selecting the best golf car for the facility. The 2017 YAMAHA Drive2 EFI Quietech Gas Golf car proved to be the obvious choice not only for its thoughtful features, but mostly for the Quietech technology. The difference in noise output is undisputable, and was immediately noticed by our Guests. We even had a few Guests compliment us on the decision to move to electric! We were actually considering moving to electric before we experienced Quietech. Given the relatively minute difference in noise output, and the elevated trade in value of gasoline cars, the choice was an easy one to make.

When you are required to deal with as many different vendors as a golf course operator does, you really appreciate those who are prompt, accurate, and reliable. Steve Olken and the crew at Harris Golf Cars have long been at or near the top of that list. Service is consistently delivered on time, and as promised. On the rare occasion there may be a delay, we are notified well in advance.

We often have our entire fleet on the course at the same time, so down time with cars is a big concern for us. Bob Simmons and his crew at Harris are very reactive, and get the job done right the first time. They work closely with our on course mechanic, and eagerly provide him with any information necessary to keep our fleet up and running.

I would, without hesitation, recommend you seriously consider the YAMAHA golf product and Harris Golf Cars.

Jeff Vesevick
PGA General Manager
The Village Links of Glen Ellyn

Todd Marsh

Our relationship with Harris Golf Cars began in 2005, and it has been nothing but positive ever since. The Yamaha electric carts have been a great addition to the club. The classic look and design, along with the overall comfort level add to the experience at Conway Farms Golf Club.

Having worked with Scott Harris for ten years now, I can tell you he is an honest, trustworthy and fair business man. Anytime we are in a jam or need some help, he always lends a helping hand.

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Todd Marsh

CCM, CCE, COO, Conway Farms Golf Club

Frank Jemsek

…I’ve known Scott Harris for many years and I can tell you he’s as honest and caring about his customers as any person I have ever met. Scott’s word is his word. He stands behind everything he sells and the service at Harris Golf Cars is the absolute best in the business. When we need something or have a question, there is no delay. It gets done!!
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Frank Jemsek

Owner & Operator, Cog Hill Golf & Country Club, Inc.