2011 Yamaha Electric Custom Blue and Black Tribal Golf Car




30 Day Harris Golf Cars Warranty

Location: Iowa

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Check out this unique 2011 Yamaha Drive with a custom painted blue and black tribal body. This golf car has new 10″ chrome wheel covers, a chrome steering column guard, recovered stone driver’s seat and new Trojan batteries. Let us know if you have any questions!

• 10″ Wheel / Street Tire Package
• New 10″ Chrome Wheel Covers
• Custom Painted Blue and Black Tribal Body
• Stone Top and Roof Support Kit
• Halogen Head and Tail Lights
• Recovered Stone Driver’s Seat
• Fully Independent Front Suspension
• New Trojan 8V Batteries x6
• Rain Gutters
• Sweater Basket
• Storage Basket in Rear
• Battery Gauge
• Chrome Steering Column Guard
• 30 Day Harris Golf Cars Warranty